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News & Notes August, 16, 2013

U.S. Must Spend to Build Kids a Ladder, Columbus Dispatch

Note: This article provides prudent advice for Ohio and our state budget policy. They identify strong families, civic institutions, and community service as primary in helping people climb out of poverty. By investing in good schools, parks, strong neighborhoods  and other resources Ohioans who are in poverty will have a better opportunity to climb the ladder to the middle middle class. 

Property Tax Subsidy Cut to affect Levies on Ballot, Canton Repository

Note: The State has shifted the responsibility of paying for services onto the local government from the state. The past two budgets have cut property tax reimbursements, revenue sharing agreements, and the local government fund. This shift is not just one from state to local communities, but the state has the income tax. Ohio already has a regressive tax system, with low income people paying over 11% of their income each year towards state and local taxes, while the wealthiest Ohioans pay around 8%. The property tax rollback will be used to cover an income tax cut that will reduce the wealthiest Ohioans tax liability while increasing it on the poorest Ohioans. We need everyone to pay their fair share in Ohio for great public services that lead to stronger communities. 

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