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News & Notes August 12, 2013

Today’s Top Budget Headlines

Not Under Review, Akron Beacon Journal

Note: Tax Expenditures are loopholes and credits that cost Ohio taxpayers about $7.7 Billion. Many tax breaks go unreviewed & stay on the books regardless of their merit. Conservative, moderate and liberal groups urge the Ohio legislature and governor to establish a review process.The State of Washington requires each tax break to include a statement of purpose and establish goals and objectives for measuring its effectiveness. The tax break must also be renewed every 10 years. 

Fighting a Plague, Toledo Blade

Note: Toledo receives a mixture of federal, state and local non-profit support to address the epidemic of human trafficking in the city. Public investments are needed to help stop this epidemic. 

Too many inmates + too little space = toxic mix: editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Note: Prisons are extremely expensive and often violence results from overcrowding. Smart public investments in treatment, diversion, and community based rehabilitation will produce better results, prevent over-crowding, and save taxpayer money in the long run. 

Schools in Ohio face challenges in 2013-14, Youngstown Vindicator

Note: New school funding formula leaves many districts guessing on how much the state will provide to educate Ohio’s Children. Educators and others continue to express concerns over the new formula and they ask whether or not Ohio will ever meet the constitutional requirement of an equitable and adequate education funding plan for all students. 

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