• Nick Bates

News & Notes April 23, 2014

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News: Cuts Coming To Mansfield City Schools, Notes: Mansfield schools will likely cut 148 positions as a result of needed budget cuts. the Shrinking economy continues to hurt local government and schools. 

News: Opinion- Ohio Needs a pre-school guarantee, Cincinnati Enquirer News: A growing chorus around Ohio is echoing a similar tune – pre-school is needed for our students, families, and the health of our economy. If we want every third grader to read at grade level – Ohio needs to engage kids in reading at a younger age. 

News: Ohio’s State Parks Getting Upgrades, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Budget cuts prevent the state from keeping up-to-date with regular maintenance projects. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates close to a $1 billion backlog in maintenance and upgrades needed. a $100 million investment is a great first step, but hopefully we will continue to invest over the next few years to make our parks great! Then we need to regularly invest in staff, maintenance, and improvements to prevent a backlog like this from occurring in the future. 


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