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News & Notes April 2, 2014


Notes: Local Government officials testified on Tuesday asking the state legislator to restore drastic cuts made during the recession. Governor Kasich continues to think the choice is between funding police, fire, and community services or cutting state mental health services. The reality is the choice is not between which services, because Ohio has plenty of resources. The choice remains between investing in public services or cutting income tax rates – primarily benefiting the wealthiest Ohioans.

Some committee members appear to support a bare bones budget, that lacks the resources to invest in great public services that lead to stronger communities. They fail to recognize that this strategy will not serve Ohio’s communities, inspire innovation, or attract new investment opportunities.

News: Local government officials seeking reversal of state cuts, Columbus Dispatch News: Local Government Funding, Corrections, Unemployment Filing Draw MBR Testimony, Hannah News News: Local Officials Decry state cuts: Bipartisan group rallies at statehouse, Toledo Blade


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