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News: Cutting Words, Akron Beacon Journal  Notes: Ohio’s income tax represent 32% of Ohio’s General Revenue Funds. Nine years of tax cuts have not generated the promised jobs.  Ohio needs to invest in public services like education, drug treatment, public safety, and our community parks to build stronger communities for all of us. 

News: Guarantee on the Fly, Akron Beacon Journal Notes: Are you “For” or “Against” third graders reading? I think everyone is ‘for’.  However, the question is how will we achieve this goal. The state has adopted a “read or else” strategy where third graders will be retained if they do not pass a test – and extreme pressures will be placed on teachers to make sure those kids pass the test. Another approach could be to invest in more resources for schools and teachers to help kids read in preschool through third grade and provide assistance when kids fall behind. However, that will require the state to spend money – which might get in the way of tax cuts. 

News: Income Gap less in Ohio, but growing everywhere, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Imagine a family where both parents work at low wage jobs. The nine years of tax cuts have not placed enough money in their pockets to make much of an impact as they struggle to keep up with bills. During this time, programs in their children’s schools have been slashed and pay-to-play policies have been implemented to make up for state budget cuts. They cannot afford to rent or purchase their 6th grader an instrument to be in the school band. She has been denied an opportunity to play, her parents have been denied an opportunity to watch that child grow and learn to appreciate music making.

This is a part of the growing story of income inequality in the United States. We prevent upward mobility by limiting opportunities – even small things like playing in the band – in the name of tax cuts. Tax cuts have not delivered on their promises in the US or in Ohio. Let’s invest in great public services that lead to stronger communities and make sure every kid can choose follow their passion. 


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