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  • Nick Bates

News and Notes September 5, 2013

Groups take first steps in putting Medicaid Expansion on the ballot for a vote, Cleveland Plain Dealer 

Note: Medicaid Expansion will provide healthcare to over 275,000 Ohioans. In addition to this policy being the morally right thing to do, it has bi-partisan support and huge economic advantages for Ohio. We need it to pass. The SEIU and other organizations are willing to put in the hard work to take the issue straight to the voters if the legislature will not pass this legislation. 

Ohio legislator’s to pursue U.S. balanced budget law, Columbus Dispatch

Note: A Constitutional amendment to require the federal government to the balance the budget should raise many concerns for residents of Ohio and across the country. Local, state and federal investments in our communities are inter-connected. During economic downturns the federal government is able to support local police, teachers, and social workers that serve our community. This prevents even deeper financial struggles. The federal government invests not only in great national public services like our interstate highway system and national parks but also in our states and local communities. A cuts only approach is a penny wise, pound foolish. Instead we need a balanced approach to budgeting.   

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