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News and Notes September 23, 2013

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Higher Education, Toledo Blade

Note: The Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) was made unavailable to community college students. Ohio needs to develop resources and invest in educational opportunities that range from certification programs, two and four year degrees, and graduate work. We live in a diverse society and all skills are needed to drive our society forward. Ohio’s community colleges are a great public investment that lead to stronger communities!

Property value decreases hurting funding for Montgomery County agencies, Dayton Daily News (Premium Content) 

Note: Across Ohio and the nation, public revenues generated by income taxes have rebounded, but sales and property taxes revenues have not recovered. Montgomery County is bringing in $11.3 million less in 2013 than it brought in 2010 to fund health and human services for children, elderly and others. Revenue sharing between state income tax revenues and local communities through property tax rollbacks, the local government fund, the estate tax, and other efforts helped local communities provide great public services that lead to stronger communities at times when those services are in most need. 


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