• Nick Bates

News and Notes September 20, 2013

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Have a Great Weekend, Ohio!

Budget Officials back County Sales Tax Hike, Columbus Dispatch

Note: Franklin County is considering an increase to our county sales tax. The increase would bring in about $100 million in new revenue a year, beginning in 2014.  The Ohio budget in 2012-13 cut over $72 million from Franklin County operations and additional money from other local government services. The current state income tax cut was paid for by not restoring these cuts from the previous budget.

Desperate Poverty, Akron Beacon Journal 

Note: There is no denying that the poverty and extreme poverty have increased in our country. Federal and state programs such the EITC and health programs have proven effective at alleviating extreme poverty and suffering. The morality of this situation requires Ohioans to invest in proven approaches to help end this downward trend. 


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