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News and Notes September 19, 2013

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We All Succeed when Our Kids do, Cincinnati Enquirer

Note: This editorial lays out a few very tangible steps that Ohio can take to improve our public schools that serve many students who are in poverty. These are just a few steps that Ohio could invest in that will likely create great public schools that lead to stronger communities. 

  1. Provide Quality pre-school for all

  2. Make home visits to at-risk new parents

  3. Prevent Teen Pregnancy

  4. Track Progress as Closely as Performance

  5. Create a Pipeline of Future Principals.

What investments do you think will best serve low-income students?

Many Ohio, Michigan Bridges Outdated, Toledo Blade

Note: Ohio has 384 bridges that are “fracture critical” AND “Structurally Deficient.” Michigan only has 28 bridges in both categories. Of those bridges, only 14 are maintained by ODOT, and the rest are maintained by our counties. Counties need an additional $700 million to take care of the backlog in maintenance, but the state of Ohio has continued to cut resources for local government. 

Counties Cut Back on Voting Locations, Columbus Dispatch

Note: Elimination of polling locations and consolidations will cut thousands of dollars from local budgets.  Will cutting resources to county board of elections cut the access to the ballot? 

1.8 million people in Ohio fall below the poverty line, Dayton Daily News

Note: Ohio needs to invest in programs and services that provide opportunities for individuals in poverty to climb out and into the middle class. 


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