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News and Notes September 18, 2013

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Note: The Ohio House of Representatives traveled to 5 cities (Chillicothe, Batavia, Bowling Green, North Ridgeville, and Columbus) to hear people’s opinions on tax policy. A wide range of opinions were presented, including many local government officials who expressed frustration and confusion at the continued state cuts that have forced local communities to cut services, increase fees, and some have even raised taxes to make up for the cuts. 

Up to 7.3 Million a Day, Akron Beacon Journal

Note: Adopting Medicaid Expansion will be good for Ohio’s economy, because it will pump millions of dollars into it from the federal government. This money will hire nurses, counselors, and construction workers to build new medical centers. Oh yeah, and it will give people better healthcare. 

Poverty Rate Stuck at 15%, Youngstown Vindicator

Note: The gap between rich and poor continues to grow. We need to develop resources and avenues for those in poverty to move into the middle class. Offering great public schools, strong communities, and services are proven ways to help alleviate poverty in our communities. 


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