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News and Notes September 17, 2013

Human services levy campaign faces an uphill battle: analysis, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Note: Are Cleveland voters feeling levy fatigue? In the 1930s and the 1970s Ohio developed new revenues streams to fund local services through a state sales tax and in the 1970s a state income tax. These two methods also included efforts to lessen the local property tax responsibility of communities. With the recent income tax cuts and drastic reductions in support for local communities, the state continues to shift the tax responsibility back onto local property taxes. 

Trouble at TCI, Toledo Blade

Note: Inmate-on-inmate assaults are up 113% and inmate-on-staff assaults are up 73%. As recommendations continued to be made, Ohioans need to invest in our criminal justice system to increase crime prevention and  reduce recidivism, provide adequate and proper staffing levels and training, and reduce overcrowding. The prison in Toledo currently has over 1,200 inmates. It was designed to hold only 900. 

State Education Group links student success, poverty, Akron Beacon Journal

Note: Fixing our schools is not as simple as creating competition or blaming bad teachers, principals, or parents. Instead, Ohio needs to identify the barriers that poverty creates and begin to address those. We know that barriers to transportation, high mobility of families (and schools), access to nutritious food and other poverty-related issues impact educational success. As Ohioans, we should want to have the best public schools for all children. To accomplish this, we need to invest not only in our schools, but in anti-poverty programs as well. 


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