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News and Notes September 16, 2013

D.C. policy groups say Ohio falling behind in school funding, academic advances, Akron Beacon Journal

Note: Ohio is one of 34 states to reduce per-pupil spending since 2008 for our public schools. If we want to Invest in Ohio’s Future…We need the State Legislature to Invest in Ohio’s Schools. 

Almost all for One, Akron Beacon Journal

Note: Since the recession, the economy has improved dramatically. The trouble is that 95% of the new wealth generated has gone to the top 1%.  We need local, state and federal investments to strengthen Ohio communities and grow the middle class.  

ODOT trims $100M from road projects, Toledo Blade

Note: Ohio needs updated revenue policy to meet the economy of today. Relying on gas-tax revenues at their current rates to fund infrastructure is quickly becoming unsustainable as people drive less and have more fuel efficient cars. Ohio cut taxes by $2.7billion over the next three years, while borrowing $1.5billion to finance road construction. 

Ohio Agents face safety risk in Meth Lab Cleanup, Dayton Daily News

Note: The agents wear an $1,800 protective suit to protect themselves from the chemical fires and explosions that are common. Often, we forget that public safety needs expensive equipment. We need to make sure that our agents, local police, and fire departments have the best equipment available to keep brave public servants safe while caring for our communities!


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