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News and Notes, September 11, 2013

Today we remember and pray for those brave public servants who risked their lives on 9/11/2001 and continue to put their communities first every single day. May we commit to support you because you support us.

Richest 1% earn biggest share since the 20s, Youngstown Vindicator

Note: Tomorrow, the state tax reform study committee will hold its final on the road hearing in North Ridgeville. A major question that this committee must address is if the wealthiest Americans and Ohioans have been so economically successful, why must we continue to tailor our tax code to their benefit?  Through continued tax cuts, the wealthiest Ohioans continue to be the primary beneficiaries while the rest of deal with higher college tuition, less money for parks, and fewer resources for public safety professionals. 

State Spending in Education decreases, while mandates increase, Athens Ohio Today

Note: Investments into education need to create an equitable and adequate funding system. The continued shift to local property taxes will further create inequitable funding. As reported earlier this week, 200 school districts in Ohio (about 1/3) will receive LESS money this year from the state. Not only do our investments into a great public school system create a high quality workforce, but great public schools also produce a high quality community and people. Let’s invest in Ohio’s Future and Ohio’s Children. 

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