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News and Notes, November 11, 2013

We would like to thank all of those dedicated to serving their communities in the United States military and Ohio National Guard today.

News: Changing Municipal Income Tax Law Riles Cities, Columbus Dispatch Notes: The Municipal income tax reform was originally intended to simplify the process for individuals and businesses in multiple communities. Ohio’s legislature needs to be cautious about another cut to local governments. The current budget cuts local government funding by $95 million and this is after a $1 billion cut last budget. Creating tax loopholes for profitable corporations is not fair to our communities. If we really want to attract and encourage businesses, we need to build up strong communities with a well educated and capable workforce. 

News: Ohio Ranks 8th in Drawing International Students, Columbus Dispatch Notes: The quality of our public colleges and universities attract over 28,000 individuals from overseas to come here. This is a testament to the high quality of our public investments into higher education in Ohio. Huānyíng, bienvenida, willkommen, välkommen,Molweni, kuwakaribisha to Ohio!

News: ODOT casts Eye towards public transit, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Public transit is a smart public investment that will bring communities closer together, create access to employment and entertainment options for individuals and families. Public transportation is a smart investment into Ohio’s Future!


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