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News and Notes August 29, 2013

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Honoring Dr. King’s Call for a Job’s Guarantee Program, New Economic’s Perspective

Note: Dr. King advocated for more than voting rights, he also advocated for helping those who are suffering in poverty to have a chance at middle class security. He wanted labor unions and community investments to help the middle class. 

Ohio sales tax goes up, income taxes go down Sunday, Canton Repository

Note: Yes, your paycheck will have a few extra pennies in the near future. However, with the sales tax increase most Ohioans will not see an actual tax cut.  Instead the tax responsibility has been shifted from income to sales tax. This means that the responsibility for paying of public services shifts from the wealthy to the middle class and those in poverty. According to a study of the overall impact of the tax reform, The bottom 20% of income earners in Ohio will have to pay $12 more a year in taxes, the next 20% will net $5 gain, and the middle 20% of Ohioans will receive only $9 in tax cuts.  However, the top 1% of Ohioans will receive over $6,083 a year in a tax cut. All at the same time, Ohio is underfunding education, local community services and not investing in a variety of ways to make our communities stronger. 

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