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  • Nick Bates

New Set of Legislators, Same Need for Balanced Approach

In particular, new legislators will likely make big decisions about income tax cuts, education funding, Medicaid expansion, and much more in the coming months.

On the income tax, Governor Kasich has clearly heard at least some of the questions – here’s a quote from this week’s piece in the Dayton Daily News:

This income tax is too darn high, and people say we’ve already lowered it and did it do any good? Yeah, it’s done good,” Kasich said at a news conference touting his administration’s 2012 accomplishments. “We’re at about 127,000 jobs, including a more business-friendly climate. But this tax, at 5.9 percent, is too high.

Over the coming months, we’ll have a chance to let Ohioans know about how the 2005 tax changes have led to places like Huber Heights seeking revenue due to state cuts.  We’ll be able to contextualize the jobs info and show that Ohio has not seen the growth and jobs promised with tax cuts – in fact we’ve faired worse than the country as a whole.  And the 5.9% – only the rate for the wealthiest Ohioans, who have done very well while wages for the majority of Ohioans have stagnated or dropped.

Indeed, there is much work to do as 2013 begins!

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