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  • Nick Bates

Myths: Rich = Job Creators, Cutting Taxes = Economic Growth

Are you hip to TED Talks?  There are a wealth of fascinating presentations on a wide variety of topics.  But they often skip politics and policy because of a desire to avoid partisanship.

Here’s one Talk TED initially didn’t post (via Upworthy – as great a daily email as I’ve found), but after some push it made it and has since gotten over 300,000 views.  Read the backstory here (as told by TED).  The basic gist is that a self-described 1%er, Nick Hanauer, attempts to de-bunk the myths that the rich are job creators and that cutting taxes leads to economic growth for all.

Now, whether or not you agree with the full presentation, it does posit some interesting ideas.  But if you’ve got proof that this whole cut taxes to grow the economy thing works, can you send me proof?  I’d be very interested to read it.

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