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  • Nick Bates

Looking at Taxes from a New Angle

When I first saw this You Tube video, it had a few thousand hits.  Over the past couple days it has gotten to 249,000 hits.  It’s definitely worth a watch.

Public services like the library in Troy, Michigan that the video is about are in trouble across Ohio and across the country.  In general, coalitions like One Ohio Now, and all of our partners, have been making a case for the value of public services and the revenue to pay for those services.  We talk about the need for corporations and rich Ohioans to pay their fair share, so that we can there can be shared prosperity that everyone benefits from.  But this video is one of the many innovative, fun strategies that groups are starting to look at to try to break through the noise and create an alternative frame to the dominant idea that smaller government and lower taxes are the way forward.

What do you think?  Do you have creative concepts that we should be thinking about trying here in Ohio?  Oh, and how’d you like the video?

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