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  • Nick Bates

It’s Not a Surplus!

Google the definition of surplus and here’s what you get:

So, when I see articles like this one in the Marietta Times – even when they’re thoughtfully written – asking what to do with the state’s budget “surplus,” I can’t help but want to remind everyone that our basic requirements have not been met and we don’t have an excess of supply over demand.  We have crumbling bridges and roads, police and fire services reduced in communities across the state, schools cutting back on bussing and making sports pay-to-play, and the list goes on.

And meeting what have come to be though of as basic requirements isn’t even taking into account all the things that people want and deserve but have been tricked into thinking aren’t options: affordable college education or health care, for example.

We need to find a new name for the effects of the budget cuts (see for your county’s), because it’s quite simply not a surplus.

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