• Nick Bates

Is A Scary Budget Coming? Yes.

In 2005, Ohio began phased in cuts to the income tax that left it down by 21%, leading to $2.5 billion less annually for schools, safety, social services, and more.  That’s not to mention eliminating the corporate income tax and more severely shifting the tax load to average Ohioans while the wealthy are on the upswing.  Why on earth would we cut taxes again, leading to more service cuts, when we didn’t see any job growth as a result the last time?

So, as the next budget round approaches and we prepare to make our case, we’re looking for every possible way to let people know about the tricks – and the treats – for Ohioans.  Enter our Halloween images!

This pumpkin is probably my favorite, but you can see plenty more here.  Please share with your friends and colleagues – help us get the word out build out network!


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