• Nick Bates

Invest to Improve Ohio

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Sadly, many of our neighbors are struggling to get by. The State of Ohio has the opportunity to do great things – like end hunger in our communities.


  1. About 1 in 4 kids struggle with hunger in Ohio

  2. Ohio ranks near the bottom (47th) for food insecurity.

  3. Since 2002-20004, hunger in Ohio has increased about 48%.

Feeding America estimates that it would cost about $885 million a year to end hunger in Ohio. While that sounds like a lot to you and me, it is a reasonable amount for our state government. After a decade of tax cuts, primarily benefiting the wealthiest Ohioans, our state operates with $3.5 billion less in revenue.  We could have ended multiple times over by now.

We can end hunger and much more when we invest in Ohio’s future.

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