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  • Nick Bates

How to Talk About the State Budget

  1. Remember the past and learn from our mistakes. In 2005, a tax overhaul left us with $2.5 billion less in annual revenue in Ohio, leading to cuts of $1.8 billion to K-12 education and $1 billion to local governments in the current budget.  The new budget cannot be considered the new normal – as the economy improves, we need to invest in the public services that make our communities stronger.

  2. More income tax cuts mean more cuts to programs that Ohio families rely upon, like public education and public safety.  Cuts to higher ed lead to higher tuition for students, health and human services cuts mean problems like mental health programs being underfunded, and many more.  Be sure people you’re talking to understand that income tax cuts do not take us in the right direction.

  3. We can get Ohio back on track.  We need real reform that closes loopholes and balances our tax system so that the wealthiest Ohioans and corporations pay their fair share. We can give local governments who fix our roads and keep our communities safe the tools and resources they need. We can increase support for vital programs like those that support our seniors. And, by investing in our people and priorities like K-12 and higher education, we can create good jobs now and into the future. Together, we can ensure a fair state budget that works for all Ohioans.

Look for more from us in the weeks and months to come, but this primer should be a steady guide.


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