• Nick Bates

House Plan Passes: now what?

The United States House of Representatives passed their version of a tax cut 227-205 (13 Republicans joined all of the Democrats to oppose the bill).

What was in the tax cut bill?

This bill will cut corporate taxes and income tax rates to primarily benefit the wealthiest Americans. To pay for these tax cuts, the House added a provision that will take healthcare away from 13 million Americans. Congressional leaders continue to trumpet the expansion of the child tax credit in this bill, but the reality is that the expansion will not reach many working class Ohioans because of how it’s structured.

In addition to immediate healthcare cuts, Congress will be have to make budget cuts down the line to healthcare, education, and other important public investments. The plan passed by the House today is estimated to cost around $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

Now What: 

The Senate hopes to pass their version of the tax bill very quickly (possibly the week after Thanksgiving). Then the bill will to the House who can accept the Senate’s version or move to a conference committee – where the final tax bill will be written in private. Get involved today and visit our action page

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