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Farm Bureau Identifies One Bad Trade

Some good news if you’re scared of bad trades being considered in Ohio right now:

1) From the Farm Bureau yesterday:

“Farm Bureau voted to oppose an increase in the severance tax solely for the purpose of funding a state income tax reduction. If there is an increase in the severance tax, it should address local government funding, infrastructure needs, local and state economic development and mitigation of negative impacts on local communities and the environment.”

Raising the tax on oil and gas drillers is the right thing to do.  Giving the money away through an income tax cut is a misguided trade of stable revenue for boom and bust resources – particularly when local communities are in so much need right now.

2) Canton’s Mayor Healy II is one of many concerned Ohioans when it comes to House Bill 601, which would reform Ohio’s municipal income tax code.  Healy says it well, stating:

“We have no problem with trying to make the local tax process more uniform,” said Healy. “But in the process, we do not think there ought to be built-in tax breaks and incentives for specific interest groups.”

With the state budget just around the corner, more and more people are starting to closely examine the ideas being proposed by the Governor and our state’s legislators.  Unfortunately, one step forward and two steps back means a bad trade – and there are some big, bad trades being discussed right now.  Hopefully, sound decision making by groups like the Farm Bureau, coupled with thoughtful stories about complex legislation like HB 601 will lead to good policy decisions for all Ohioans.

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