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Effects Keep Trickling Down: Toledo Edition

Add Toledo local officials to the list of folks across Ohio that are unhappy about the cuts they’re seeing as a result of the current state budget. details the effects in Lucas County that led to this article in the Blade – $82 million from education and $47 million from local governments, for example.

With increased focus on federal budget issues due to the presidential election, it’s important for everyone to understand that the effects of budgets trickle down til they make it to your block.  Federal “sequestration” or automatic cuts at the end of the year?  They’ll cut over $300 million from Ohio’s budget.  Paul Ryan’s budget that has been such a lightning rod?  It would cut over $750 million from Ohio in 2014 and $6 billion over the next 10 years.

One Ohio Now is working to set up a series of town halls and community meetings across the state in the coming months.  These will be opportunities to hear about the effects from federal, state, and local budgets and to speak up to share your thoughts about what you’d like to see happen.  If you’re interested in seeing something in your area, please let us know.

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