• Nick Bates

Does Every School District Have a Generous NFL Player?

Michigan is churning out some interesting responses to the budget cuts that public services are facing all across the country – which would only be exacerbated by plans like Paul Ryan’s, by the way, which would cut $700 million from Ohio.  First there was the Troy, Michigan Book Burning video, and now this:

The NFL’s LaMarr Woodley made a donation to his hometown Saginaw Public Schools so that sports wouldn’t have to be pay-to-play.

When my feed is even showing the effects of budget cuts in its “Headlines” section, you know there’s a problem.  Unfortunately, not every district has such a generous benefactor – and they shouldn’t need to.  If the wealthy, like LaMarr Woodley, and big corporations paid their fair share, ESPN would have more room for feel good stories that aren’t the result of extreme inequality.

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