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  • Nick Bates Press Conference

This morning One Ohio Now officially launched, an interactive website that shows the amount of the cuts to K-12 education and local government in every county in Ohio from the 2010-11 biennial budget to the current 2012-13 budget. was done in collaboration with research partners Policy Matters Ohio and Innovation Ohio and includes headlines from newspapers across the state that help contextualize the effects the cuts are having across Ohio.

Speakers at the press conference included Robert Davis from AFSCME Council 8, Darold Johnson from the Ohio Federation of Teachers, Steve Dyer from Innovation Ohio, and Wendy Patton from Policy Matters Ohio.  Mr. Davis and Mr. Johnson spoke up about the effects of the cuts to local government and education, respectively, while Mr. Dyer and Ms. Patton explained the research behind the county-by-county data.  One Ohio Now State Director Gavin DeVore Leonard explained how the site works.

Press Inquiries: Please contact Gavin DeVore Leonard,, 614.859.9669

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