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The Ohio Senate passed the budget on Wednesday June 21st, setting up a week of a conference committee. The Senate, as expected, cut $1 billion from the Governor’s original proposal due to ongoing revenue shortfalls.

You can follow the progress of the Conference Committee here.

Highlights of the Senate version:

  1. The business tax deduction is untouched – costing over $1 billion a year.

  2. Continues to underfund the education formula – leaving many school districts underfunded.

  3. Makes new investments to address the opioid epidemic.

  4. Ends new enrollment in Medicaid Expansion beginning July 2018, which will undermine efforts to address the opioid epidemic in Ohio.

Please follow us on twitter and facebook for updates over the next week.

The Governor must sign the budget, and issue any line item vetoes, by June 30th. The new budget year begins July 1st.

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