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  • Nick Bates

Back to school!

As a parent, I am excited for the new school year to start. I love watching the excitement in my son’s eyes as he thinks about seeing all of his friends. His favorite things at school are art and reading. When we walk to down to school for his first day of third grade, I will also enjoy catching up with the parents of some my son’s friends. After the ‘how was your summer?’ conversation the conversation will turn to what our kids will need to succeed.

As parents we do our best, but we know that a high quality public education is essential for our kids to succeed. Sadly, throughout Ohio, we are failing to invest in our children.

In 1999, Ohio’s Supreme Court ruled that the state is responsible to guarantee equity and adequacy in education across district lines.

Recent research shows the following:

  1. Kids in wealthy districts continue to have more opportunities for success.

  2. School spending increases largely occurred from 1999-2009 with a lot more stagnation since that time.

In 2005 Ohio began our tax cut experiment. For the next 10 years, Ohio reduced tax rates to benefit the wealthiest Ohioans at the expense of the needed investments into our schools and our children. This drastic reduction in revenue, on top of the downward spiral of revenue as a result of the global recession, led to less investment in our schools.

To solve our school funding issues in Ohio, we not only need to direct resources where they are needed most, but also guarantee that we have enough resources to invest. We cannot allow this smaller level of investment to become the new normal. We have to grow our resources to grow our children!

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