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A New Governor…

In November, Attorney General Mike DeWine won the election to become Ohio’s next Governor. Governor John Kasich has served 8 years as Governor, and worked to cut Ohio’s income tax in many of his budget proposals. He cut billions of dollars that could have been used to strengthen local communities, Ohio schools, and to improve the foundation for children. Governors lay their priorities on the table when they introduce their budgets. Governor Kasich’s budgets had major tax changes included.

So the question is, what does a Governor DeWine administration mean for budget and tax policy? We don’t know yet, and wont know until we see Governor DeWine’s budget proposal in March. During the campaign, there was not a lot of attention paid to tax policy by either candidate. Quotes such as this, appearing in September give a glimpse of how a Governor DeWine will approach the issue.

“Lower tax rates make Ohio more attractive to people and new business investment,” DeWine spokesman Eck said. “We don’t need to turn back the clock and raise taxes on hard-working Ohioans or our job creators.” DeWine is “committed to keeping taxes as low, predictable and as fair as possible to maximize job growth in Ohio, he added.” (Akron Beacon Journal, 9/22/2018)

DeWine has a long legislative history of prioritizing children’s issues and he continues to make children a central theme of his transition into his new political office as Governor. The reality is that Ohio will need to invest new dollars to build up the Ohio that our children deserve.

  1. Since 2010, Ohio has seen a 62% rise in children placed with grandparents or in foster care

  2. Over a half billion dollars in higher education less than 2005.

  3. Nearly $100 million in K-12 education less than 2005.*

And the comparisons can go on and on. Ohio needs to invest today for a stronger tomorrow for Ohio’s children and that will likely require new revenue. Ohio can garner this revenue by:

  1. Closing tax loopholes like the LLC Loophole that costs Ohio $1 billion a year – largely benefiting lawyers and consultants.

  2. Make sure the wealthiest Ohioans and corporations are paying their fair share to support our communities.

  3. Adopt a modernized and fair tax on oil and gas drilling.

While campaigning on tax policy is not often popular, we hope that Governor DeWine will prioritize Ohio’s children in his budget and tax policy decisions so that we are able to invest in their future.

*2005 to current funding comparison uses the CPI inflation calculation from Bureau of Labor Statistics

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