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Fiscal Focus: Libraries

Each Fiscal Focus will look at our vision for key areas of public investment in Ohio and provide insight into current budgetary trends for that sector. AllOhioans are impacted by our elected officials’ budget decisions. In 2013, a new two-year state budget will be crafted – this series will provide a comprehensive overview of the major questions and concerns for Ohio’s 2014-15 biennial budget. “Free libraries maintained by the people are cradles of democracy, and their spread

Watch Out: Your Library Might Be Next

The Toledo-Lucas County Library will have a levy on the ballot this fall to help support their vital programs in the community.  Ohio’s libraries “used to get a straight percentage of income-tax revenue,” as Policy Matters Ohio detailed in their “10 Reasons to Like the Ohio Income Tax.”  I don’t typically like to use fear as a motivator, but as state funding for local services has been slashed, you should be wondering if your library will be next. Governor Kasich has been tal

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