News & Notes September 30, 2013

News: Shut Down Impact, Youngstown Vindicator Notes: Public services often receive a mix of local, state, and federal dollars. For many community programs, the federal shut down will not immediately impact the communities, except for federal employees that will be furloughed and the closure of parks, offices, and federal lands. For example, 20 Headstart agencies in the country have grants that expire on September 30th and will not be renewed. Non-discretionary spending such a

News & Notes, September 27, 2013

Bridges need more attention, Columbus Dispatch Note: Local governments continue to struggle as a result of state budget cuts over the past two budgets. The Ohio budget has been balanced on the back of counties and local communities. Here’s How a Federal Government Shutdown will Affect the Akron Area, Akron Beacon Journal Note: Local, State, and the National government fund and provide great public services that lead to stronger communities. Our communities are strongest when

News & Notes, September 26, 2013

Tea Party punts on 2014 primaries, tax policies draw scrutiny and more: Ohio Politics Roundup, Plain Dealer Note: The article quotes Marcy Block, an analyst at New York’s Fitch Ratings, who thinks that the “tax cuts and revenue losses in Ohio could lead to structural imbalances.” Tax cuts poll well because everyone wants a little bit more money in their pocket. However, most people do not want a small tax cut if it means cuts to schools, public safety and our community parks.

News & Notes September 25, 2013

Ed FitzGerald backs plan to expand homestead exemption, sidesteps questions about income tax, Cleveland Plain Dealer FitzGerald: Kasich’s tax priorities stick Ohio’s middle-class with bill, Toledo Blade Notes: Democratic candidate for governor, Ed FitzGerald, challenges portions of Governor Kasich’s tax cuts.  Ohio needs a tax system where the wealthiest Ohioans pay their fair share, where fairness for all is prioritized, and provides adequate revenues to invest in great publ

News & Notes September 24, 2013

Note: Very few communities are impacted by this set-up where unincorporated land is incorporated into the large city (Ie. Columbus). 19 households have expressed frustration with property taxes collected by Perry Township and the City of Columbus. Both the township and the city of Columbus provide services to these areas, but residents are upset because they didn’t know that the law allowed for the township to levy property taxes onto the annexed land. Ohio inmate suicides no

News and Notes September 23, 2013

Higher Education, Toledo Blade Note: The Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) was made unavailable to community college students. Ohio needs to develop resources and invest in educational opportunities that range from certification programs, two and four year degrees, and graduate work. We live in a diverse society and all skills are needed to drive our society forward. Ohio’s community colleges are a great public investment that lead to stronger communities! Property value

News and Notes September 20, 2013

Have a Great Weekend, Ohio! Budget Officials back County Sales Tax Hike, Columbus Dispatch Note: Franklin County is considering an increase to our county sales tax. The increase would bring in about $100 million in new revenue a year, beginning in 2014.  The Ohio budget in 2012-13 cut over $72 million from Franklin County operations and additional money from other local government services. The current state income tax cut was paid for by not restoring these cuts from the pre

News and Notes September 19, 2013

We All Succeed when Our Kids do, Cincinnati Enquirer Note: This editorial lays out a few very tangible steps that Ohio can take to improve our public schools that serve many students who are in poverty. These are just a few steps that Ohio could invest in that will likely create great public schools that lead to stronger communities. Provide Quality pre-school for all Make home visits to at-risk new parents Prevent Teen Pregnancy Track Progress as Closely as Performance Creat

News and Notes September 18, 2013

Note: The Ohio House of Representatives traveled to 5 cities (Chillicothe, Batavia, Bowling Green, North Ridgeville, and Columbus) to hear people’s opinions on tax policy. A wide range of opinions were presented, including many local government officials who expressed frustration and confusion at the continued state cuts that have forced local communities to cut services, increase fees, and some have even raised taxes to make up for the cuts. Up to 7.3 Million a Day, Akron Be

News and Notes September 17, 2013

Human services levy campaign faces an uphill battle: analysis, Cleveland Plain Dealer Note: Are Cleveland voters feeling levy fatigue? In the 1930s and the 1970s Ohio developed new revenues streams to fund local services through a state sales tax and in the 1970s a state income tax. These two methods also included efforts to lessen the local property tax responsibility of communities. With the recent income tax cuts and drastic reductions in support for local communities, the

News and Notes September 16, 2013

D.C. policy groups say Ohio falling behind in school funding, academic advances, Akron Beacon Journal Note: Ohio is one of 34 states to reduce per-pupil spending since 2008 for our public schools. If we want to Invest in Ohio’s Future…We need the State Legislature to Invest in Ohio’s Schools. Almost all for One, Akron Beacon Journal Note: Since the recession, the economy has improved dramatically. The trouble is that 95% of the new wealth generated has gone to the top 1%.  We

News and Notes, September 13, 2013

No Simple Fix for Tax Reform, Morning Journal Note: The Tax Reform Committee met again yesterday for their fourth hearing around the state. Continuously, local officials, community members and advocates have shown up and expressed concerns about our state not investing in great public services that lead to stronger communities and the revenues to pay for them. Feds: Ohio must provide Autism Therapy, Cincinnati Enquirer Note: Public services will need to expand to provide “App

News & Notes September 12, 2013

Pure Romance Tax Credits ‘not wise’, Cincinnati Enquirer Lets talk about TAX Baby, Lets talk about fiscal realities, who pays for all the park swings and the school things, lets talk about TAX…. Do you think the tax policy debate is sexy? It is now! The state is leaning towards the denial of tax credits for the company Pure Romance to move its offices from Loveland, Ohio (Just outside of Cincinnati) to downtown Cincinnati. While others are going to discuss the political real