News & Notes November 7, 2013

News: Ohio Voters Ok most school levies, Columbus Dispatch Notes: 61% of local school levies passed in Ohio. This demonstrates continuing support among the voting public for Ohio’s public schools. School districts continue to suffer from state budget cuts in the 2012-13 budget that have yet to be restored. Great public schools are often the cornerstones of great communities and we need to build them up! News: Generous Voters deserve great stewardship from public officials, Pl

News & Notes November 6, 2013

Notes: Advocates, community leaders, and citizens will spend the day discussing the results of yesterday’s elections, and identifying how to move forward.  Some local issues passed while others failed. Many are happy with the elected local leadership in their community, while others are disappointed. The message moving forward is that Ohio remains a diverse state, with many community needs. Elections are only a part of the democratic  process and a reminder that our governmen

News & Notes November 5, 2013

News: Granting Opportunity, Toledo Blade Notes: The Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) was cut by $224 million in 2009 and denied Community College students access. By restoring these funds, Ohio can improve access and opportunity for thousands of Ohioans attending 2 year degree programs, anchor them in the communities, and create a strong workforce that will attract businesses to inveset in Ohio. News: School levies are the big issue for Ohio Voters, Public News Service N

News & Notes November 1, 2013

News: House GOP on Income Tax Cut: Not So Fast, Columbus Dispatch News: Ohio Senate starts work this week on New tax cut, Youngstown Vindicator Notes: Speaker Batchelder raises concerns about a plan to cut Ohio’s income tax again that will primarily benefit the wealthiest Ohioans.  While the Speaker wants to be cautious about ‘projected revenue’ resulting from a new expansion of the Medicaid program, he also recognizes that Ohio has unmet needs such as caring for our vetera

News & Notes, October 29, 2013

News: Community Colleges: Expand Need Based Aid, Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: $20 million is needed to be invested in students who want to attend community college. Currently, students at Ohio’s community colleges are not eligible for the Ohio College Opportunity Grant, that is need-based aid for low and moderate income students. They were eliminated from eligibility in 2009, when the program funding was cut in half during the recession. A state investment of $20 million will h

News & Notes October 28, 2013

News: Ohio Senate GOP leaders seek income tax cut using savings from Medicaid expansion, Plain Dealer Notes: Through medicaid expansion, Ohio will see about $404 million. This revenue could be handed out in a tax cut that will benefit the wealthiest Ohioans the most or could be invested in expanding preschool to 14,000 kids without access ($67 million) hire back 1,000 police officers and 675 fire fighters ($100 million), create adequate funding for senior protective services

News & Notes October 25, 2013

News: Left out in Ohio, Inside Higher Ed Notes: The 2005 tax cuts have reduced revenue in Ohio, and have eroded our long-term investments into student aid for Ohio students. By modifying eligibility language, Ohio has excluded community college students from access. Ohio needs to restore funding to previous levels and help Ohio students have access to great community colleges and other higher education options. News: Inequality is only going to get worse, Columbus Dispatch No

News & Notes October 24, 2013

News: Ohio house mulls simplifying municipal income tax, Youngstown Vindicator Notes: Tax systems should always strive to be easy to administer, but we cannot sacrifice sufficiency for simplicity. This bill has a carve out for businesses that will allow a profitable business to claim a previous financial loss. We need municipal income tax reform that will simplify the process without costing local communities revenues that they invest into great public services that lead to s

News & Notes, October 23, 2013

News: Suit filed over Medicaid expansion; bill to cut taxes introduced, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Medicaid Expansion will increase revenue in Ohio by about $400million as a result of the federal government paying 100% of expansion. Sen. Widener supported Medicaid expansion on Monday and immediately sought to use the additional revenue for income tax cuts. Ohio should invest this revenue into job development, education, and infrastructure that will serve the community, attract

News & Notes October 18, 2013

News: No New Taxes, Akron Beacon Journal 1 News: No New Taxes, Akron Beacon Journal 2 News: No New Taxes, Akron Beacon Journal 3 Notes: The Akron Beacon Journal endorses a YES vote on three property tax levies in Summit County. Many Ohio residents wonder why property taxes are always on the local ballot. Like these three levies, most property taxes are passed for a limited time and voters need to ‘renew’ the levy to maintain current funding levels. These three levies will s

News & Notes October 17, 2013

News: Mayor Hopefuls Talk Scenery, Toledo Blade Notes: City beauty and investment in the quality of life of a community are very important. Mayoral candidates in Toledo discuss their plans to invest in community beautification. News: Study: Poor Kids Now Majority in U.S. Public Schools in South, West, Governing Daily Notes: Tax rankings attempt to pit one state against another, and regressive tax advocates point to measures of success in Southern states.  However, with our ta

News & Notes, October 16, 2013

News: Will tax issue ‘merry-go-round’ wear out voters, Cleveland Plain Dealer Notes: Schools, parks, social services, and libraries are just a few of the many local services that receive substantial revenue from local property taxes.  As a result of the past two state budgets, local communities receive much less revenue from the state.  In Ohio we need to guarantee diverse sources of revenue from sales, property and income taxes to make sure we can invest in Ohio’s future. Ne

News & Notes, October 15, 2013

News: Why does College Cost so much, Canton Repository News: Grants open preschool to more students, Youngstown Vindicator Notes: Through new resources in the Ohio budget, many local communities are able to expand preschool offerings to low income students. Attending preschool allows children to be ready to learn when they enter kindergarten. We need to continue to expand these efforts so that every kid will have access to great preschool opportunities. News: Alliance Asks fo

News & Notes October 10, 2013

News: Analysis: Do Business-Friendly Tax Climates Yield The Most Jobs? Governing the States and Localities? Notes: The Tax Foundation’s 2014 Business Tax Competitiveness Index were released on Wednesday, but what do the numbers actually mean? As Governing points out, the rankings are not correlated with economic performance, employment numbers, or other positive outcomes that we desire. Tax rankings are highly subjective and rarely consider all the factors. Also, most busines

News & Notes, October 9, 2013

News: Success of Rape Kit Initiative Empowers Sexual Assault Survivors, Plain Dealer Notes: Public safety requires the resources.  1 out of 5 women have been raped in Ohio. This staggering statistic emphasizes the crucial need to invest in public safety and our criminal justice system. Through state investments, Ohio has been able to begin testing the massive backlog of rape kits in many communities. However, only 109 communities have submitted their rape kits to the state fo

News & Notes October 8, 2013

News: Opportunity Launchpad, Columbus Dispatch Notes: Columbus has done well to grow the economy, and attract people, businesses, and new talent into the region. Columbus, trailing only the Twin Cities, in young adult employment, has invested greatly in parks, bike lanes, and other public services that young adults desire. It is interesting to note, that the St. Paul/Minneapolis area has also had large scale public investments into quality of life services like parks. News: H

News & Notes, October 4, 2013

News: Local voters face over 1,600 issues on November ballot, Hannah Report Notes: Schools and local government have cut public services over the past few years as a reaction to state budget cuts. However, cuts can only go so far. There will be over 1,055 tax issues, 65 of which will regard local income taxes. News: Anti-Tax Crusader reaps big payday taking govt to court, Cincinnati Enquirer Notes: Group actively seeks out ways to sue the government and collect government res

News & Notes, October 3, 2013

News: States and Agencies Most Affected by Federal Shutdown, Governing The State and Localities Notes: About 1.4% of Ohio’s workforce are federal employees. Many of these individuals are currently out of work and it is yet to be determined if they will receive back-pay once the federal shutdown ends. This shutdown will cost local and state communities in lost revenue and increases in the demand for assistance. The full costs of the shut down wont be known until it ends. News:

News & Notes October 1, 2013

News: Investment is bearing fruit, Columbus Dispatch Notes: City of Columbus raised income taxes in 2009 and is now able to help pay off the debt of Franklin Park Conservatory as promised when they began their capital campaign. The Franklin Park Conservatory attracts over 200,000 visitors a year and is a gem and perfect example of effective government and non-profit efforts to improve the community and economy for everyone. #News